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Debt Recovery

Fixed Fee, No Commission

Outstanding invoices and late payments can be frustrating and time-consuming while risking your cash flow and business health. We act diligently to help recover money owed to you, so you can get on with business

Unlike mercantile agents, we do not charge a commission and offer fixed feed service for debt recovery so your business retains the majority of what is owning to your business.

Our Approach To Legal Debt Recovery

Don’t suffer in silence, waiting for your bills to be paid.

If your debtor has failed to pay you on time and you’ve already attempted to recover the debt without success, ESY Lawyers can help you.

First, we discuss your situation and work out the best strategy to recover your owed money with minimal impact to your business. After all, our goal is to keep the matter out of the courts.

Our debt recovery lawyers will send the debtor a formal letter of demand informing the debtor that legal action will be taken if the debt is not paid within a given time limit. This is usually sufficient to spur the debtor into action, and is likely to result in full payment or compromise in a short time frame.

However, if they fail to respond or act, we will then discuss options for continuing with the recovery process.

Our Debt Recovery Process

It’s best to take action sooner than later if you want to recover your debt from suppliers and businesses who are failing to pay.

If a demand is ignored, we recommend that prompt action is taken. In our experience, the longer a debt remains outstanding increases the risk that payment will not be recovered if the debtor company ceases to trade or is placed into liquidation.

The debt recovery and enforcement process can range depending on the size and nature of the debt. However, with your team at ESY Lawyers, we assist you with everything, so you have complete peace of mind.

Unlike debt recovery agents, we do not charge a commission based on a percentage of the debt that is recovered. For most debt recovery matters, we offer fixed fees for certainty and peace of mind.

When should I outsource a debt to a debt recovery lawyer?

It is important to have an internal debt recovery plan for your business.  If your debt is more than 30 days overdue, or the debtor raises a dispute, there is a risk of non-payment.   

At ESY Lawyers, we recommend taking a proactive approach to debt recovery.  If your business has exhausted its’ attempts to recover the debt, a solicitor’s letter of demand is a powerful and cost-effective method to apply pressure on the debtor to make payment or face litigation. If there is no response, debt recovery proceedings should be commenced without delay.

What Makes ESY Lawyers Different

  • We have an Accredited Specialist in Commercial Litigation with unrivalled expertise to assist with any commercial dispute, from contracts and construction, to property, financing and partnership disputes.
  • Receive a tailored service that’s personalised to you and your business’ specific needs.
  • Whether it’s best to negotiate, sue or defend a legal proceeding in a Court or Tribunal, we help you assess the situation so that you know your options.
  • We understand small to medium business, which is why we strive to achieve the best possible result for you while minimising your costs.

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