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Negotiation & Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution with ESY Lawyers

At ESY Lawyers, we communicate with the other party on your behalf to assist in resolving your dispute as quickly as possible to avoid proceeding to court through either informal negotiation or formal mediation methods.

We use different methods to open up the lines of communication where a business relationship has broken down. We do this with the goal of achieving an amicable resolution to your business dispute.

Our Approach To Negotiation & Dispute Resolution

In business relationships, there is always the potential for disagreements to arise over payments, expectations, terms or deliverables.

Even the smallest dispute, if not managed correctly, can escalate into something that will have a significant impact and cost for all parties.

This is why, at ESY Lawyers, we tailor a strategy with the goal to resolve your dispute without proceeding to court. Our aim is to ensure that the dispute is resolved as quickly and cost-effectively as possible, to avoid or at least minimise the disruption to your business.

Our Alternative Dispute Resolution Options

Avoiding litigation when disputes arise is a way to protect and maintain your business’ ongoing working relationships and reputation.

Through alternative dispute resolution options, such as informal negotiation and formal mediation processes, we can help you resolve issues and then move on – as opposed to simply accepting the outcome or permanently damaging relationships.

Our alternative resolution options include:

Negotiation – we use different methods to open up the lines of communication to allow organisations to negotiate through commercial conflicts or business disputes. This is critical, particularly where an ongoing business relationship needs to be maintained.

Mediation – where we assist businesses to resolve disputes and reach a mutually agreed outcome to either preserve ongoing business relationships or amicably end past dealings or business transactions.

Relationship due diligence – helping you evaluate your supplier/client relationships in advance to protect and improve working relationships with sound governance.

No matter your dispute, we can help

Our dedicated team at ESY Lawyers can assist you to develop an effective strategy to manage your dispute and provide you with support every step of the way.  

We understand that each dispute is different, and your goals and objectives will change as the dispute evolves.  With that in mind, we tailor our approach to dispute resolution to suit the specific needs of your matter, and we can adapt the approach at any time to increase the likelihood of reaching an amicable resolution of your dispute.

Our commitment is to exhaust all avenues of dispute resolution and only proceed with litigation if that is necessary.   


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